The Dze L K'ant Friendship Centre is a community-based organization founded in 1974 by a devoted group of Aboriginals in Smithers, British Columbia. We are one of twenty-four Friendship Centres located across the province committed to building a stronger Aboriginal community. We were initially founded as the Smithers Indian Friendship Centre. As we began to grow into our role of providing programs and services to the community our name was changed to reflect the local Wit’suwet’en culture. The name Dze L K'ant was chosen. It means “Foot of the Mountain” and represents where the centre is now located, at the base of Hudson Bay Mountain.

What we do:

The Dze L K'ant Friendship Centre continues to build on its vision to provide quality services to the Aboriginal community. These services support people on their journey to become more self-efficient and self-reliant. The Friendship Centre also dedicates time and resources to promoting awareness among Aboriginal people. Cultural pride, cultural identity, and confidentiality are the pillars of our organization.


At the Friendship Center our goal is to inspire the best from our community, our organization and each other. Inspiration is found here in many forms; a mother-to-be improving her parenting and life skills to inspire her unborn child, a long time drug user conquering the habit in order to inspire others with the same difficulty, a youth group organizing activities to promote healthy social alternatives to other youths.

Join in to Inspire.


At the Friendship Centre, we believe in our community. We can help one another to learn and grow. We believe that developing skills incorporating spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical well-being can help us all to become more self-reliant. We believe we can become a stronger community by improving awareness.

Just Believe.


Here at the Friendship Centre we strive to provide an environment where all Aboriginals can belong. Whether you are a youth, elder, adult, or mother-to-be, in need of confidential assistance for major road blocks in your life or are simply looking for ways to improve your life skills - you all belong at the friendship center. We are a non-judgemental community with only acceptance in mind.

We all Belong at the Friendship Center.